Cappuccino MCT Coffee and Lemon For Weight Loss Recipe

Coffee and Lemon for Weight Loss Recipe

Using a lemon to make coffee can be a tasty and healthy way to lose weight. The lemon can help flush out unwanted toxins from your body, and drinking a sour cup of lemon tea may help to burn off excess calories. In addition to the lemon, a cup of black coffee may prove to be an effective calorie-burner.

There is more to coffee than caffeine, however. This java-dork may prove to be the beverage of choice for a number of dieters, thanks to its many health benefits. For example, it can boost your mood, and may even increase productivity. Aside from its obvious benefits, caffeine may also play a role in your success at high-intensity exercise.

Similarly, lemon juice may be a good source of vitamin C. But beware, drinking too much citrus isn’t good for your system. As a result, drinking a lot of it may lead to heartburn.

Although the ole lemon is a classic weight loss staple, there are many other fruits and vegetables that can help you shed pounds. For example, you may want to consider replacing your morning Venti pumpkin spice latte with an unsweetened black coffee. You may also consider adding cinnamon to your coffee to help you lose weight. Having a cup of coffee with cinnamon in it may prove to be a smart move, as it may help improve your metabolic rate. You could also add a few drops of vanilla extract to your morning brew.

Finally, you may wish to try a new fad in coffee called Bullet Coffee. It is made by pouring hot water into a hot French press, then pouring in one tablespoon of unsalted butter or coconut oil. Then, brew your beverage and let it cool. Once it’s ready to drink, you may choose to top it off with some ghee. As a bonus, you can also add a dash of stevia to the mix for a sweet and savory treat.

While this type of coffee drink is no substitute for a proper calorie-burning breakfast, it can serve as an effective calorie-burner in the morning. Of course, it might be best to follow this with a more substantial meal, such as a salad.

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