FDA Approved Slimming Coffee Philippines

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has warned against the use of slimming coffee that is not registered with the agency. Unregistered slimming coffee has no pharmaceutical active ingredient, which makes it a drug that cannot be sold and dispensed without FDA approval. In a recent case, the FDA seized a popular slimming coffee from the market after determining that it was not registered or evaluated by the government.

Lishou is not registered with the Philippine Food and Drug Administration

Despite the company’s claims, Lishou is not registered with the Philippine FDA as a diet supplement. In fact, it is not even on the official list of approved foods for human consumption. Nevertheless, the company’s marketing efforts are designed to draw consumers’ attention. Lishou’s website claims that it is a doctor-recommended diet supplement that will help users shed a few pounds in one week. The company also claims that the product has proven to be effective in helping people lose weight.

While this may sound like a positive sign, Lishou has been flagged by the Philippine Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for a number of reasons, including that it contains sibutramine, an appetite suppressant. Sibutramine has been banned from sale in several countries and has been linked to an increased risk of cardiovascular problems. As such, the company has to make sure that it is registered with the FDA to sell this product to consumers.

Leisure 18 is restricted in the US

This product is restricted in the US because it contains an undeclared drug ingredient. It is also on a list of dangerous products. You can learn more about the warnings and safety precautions on the website of the US Food and Drug Administration. This product has a history of violence and has been involved in many murders.

Orlistat is being recalled

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has issued an advisory warning consumers to be cautious about products that may contain the dietary supplement Orlistat (Reducin), which is a recalled drug. The FDA also advised consumers to purchase medicines from licensed establishments only.

The FDA recalled one batch of Reducin with an expiration date of August 2016. The affected product was imported by Golden Dale Pharma Corp. of Quezon City. The FDA’s central laboratory tested the affected batch and found that it contained orlistat.

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