Is cappuccino good for weight loss, coffee that burns fat, Cappuccino MCT

How does Cappuccino MCT work?

The combination of MCT Oil and natural coffee makes Cappuccino MCT a so-called “bulletproof coffee”. This term is not accidental – the synergy of these two ingredients gives excellent results.

MCT Oil is an ingredient containing saturated fatty acids in the form of medium-chain triglycerides. Unlike their long-chain relatives, these acids have an extremely beneficial effect on the human body, among others supporting the weight loss process. In turn, coffee is known for its unusual properties, mainly due to the presence of caffeine.

Advantages of the aromatic Cappuccino MCT:
Perfectly stimulates and boosts energy,
Affects leptin receptors, extending satiety for hours,
It inhibits hunger pangs,
Accelerates fat burning,
Increases performance during exercise.

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