Slimming Coffee Cream – 7 Healthier Coffee Alternatives

Slimming Coffee Cream

Coffee is full of healthy zingers but what you pour into it can quickly cancel out all of the best parts.

Besides being high in calories and fat, some creamers are also loaded with artificial sweeteners which can increase your risk for weight gain, diabetes, and heart disease. Plus, they often contain emulsifiers like carrageenan which has been linked to inflammation and digestive problems.

A healthy cup of joe deserves a healthier creamer, so try one of these 7 health-centric options instead!

Thermo Coffee Cream

It’s an energizing caffeine-infused cream designed to boost your skin’s metabolism and help you lose fat. This product boasts a high concentration of green coffee beans in its formulation that stimulate the release of fatty acids, while antioxidant grapefruit extracts aid in lymphatic drainage and improve skin elasticity.

This cream comes in a handy lotion-like jar that you can easily carry around and apply anywhere your day takes you. The formula contains the best of the latest research and technology to make your skin look smoother and younger.

The most important tip to remember is to use the appropriate amount. The right amount will give you a satisfying and delicious taste without adding excess calories or sugar to your diet.

The most impressive function of this product is that it can actually reduce the appearance of cellulite and slim down your hips, thighs, and buttocks. The product works well for all skin types and will have you feeling more energetic in no time. For the most dramatic results, massage this product into your problem areas regularly to see a difference in your skin tone and elasticity within weeks.

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