Slimming Coffee in Saudi Arabia and Cappuccino MCT

Slimming Coffee in Saudi Arabia

For coffee aficionados, Saudi coffee has a reputation for being the gold standard. It is made from coarsely ground beans and a dash of rum. The drink has an array of health benefits. Aside from caffeine, the beverage is also packed with minerals. Magnesium is important for healthy muscles and nerves, while calcium plays a crucial role in retaining bone density.

Saudi coffee has a long and storied history. The first recorded mention was made in the 16th century. After the arrival of the Portuguese in the region, they spread the good ol’ caffeine to other lands. By the late 18th century, coffeehouses began popping up in the capitals of Europe and the Americas. Eventually, coffeehouses became the place to meet and greet. Today, the beverage is consumed by more than 400 billion cups a year.

Saudi coffee is touted as the best coffee in the Middle East. Despite its ilk, the beverage has been relegated to second fiddle to Robusta, a more robust coffee bean with an edge when it comes to caffeine. As for the quality of the drinks, it is a matter of taste. If a price is a concern, you can’t go wrong with the locally produced Robusta. To ensure its quality, the Arabians tend to serve their coffee with milk to balance out its bitterness.

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